From cradling a baby tiger, to hours spent bonding with an orphaned wooly monkey, Pennsylvania wildlife artist Steve Shachter has had a lifelong  passion for  the many fascinating species of our world.

Upon graduating from New York's Pratt Institute, Steve had the good

fortune to have both of his submissions accepted by Roger Tory Peterson for publication as National Wildlife Federation Conservation stamps.   He is a member of Artists for Conservation and has dedicated most of his career to cause-related initiatives.  Most recently he appeared at a fundraiser in support of Alex's Lemonade Stand, for pediatric cancer research.

In 2001, a personal tragedy left him a single father with three young daughters to focus on.  This challenge redirected his attention and presented new obstacles.

After a decade of seeking to rekindle his artistic passion, Steve is excited to introduce his affiliation with the new endeavor, Wildlife Harmonies, a company which features his unique style of illustration.

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WILDLIFE  HARMONIES                     Paintings of Endangered Species & Wildlife in their Natural Habitat